Welcome to Grandmother Elspeth's home on the internet!
A Message from Grandmother Elspeth:
Post–GreenSong Greetings to One and All!
For those of you whom we met for the first time at the event – welcome to my personal on-line world. May you find here reason to continue building a relationship with the work we are doing.

For those of you who already had struggled along with me as we moved into this next phase – my gratitude and joy for your ongoing presence in my life and work.

For those of you who were unable to attend GreenSong – we missed you and look for you to share this experience with us next year.

GreenSong made a leap forward in our efforts of shifting perceptions of self-reliance, frugal use of resources, and harmony instead of conflict. It will continue to do so as it grows each year. We are reaching new and different audiences as we entertain and teach with our choices of music.

To quote the program book “
Music must be more than cotton candy for the ears!

May it ever be so.
Grandmother Elspeth
June 2011
Elspeth is the priestess and co-founder of a neo-pagan spiritual path called The Haven Way.

The Haven Way holds a number of precepts in common with other neo-pagan groups. They honor the Earth as a sacred being — Mother Gaia, the Creatrix — and as a living organism. The Haven Way regards our relationship to all natural beings as that of family, and sees our purpose to further that relationship.

While they generally follow a Wiccan format for ritual, it is their truth that one's spiritual life is made up of more than the celebrations and rituals that make up the "form".

The Haven Way follows the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do as you will" and honor the precept from Crowley: "Love is the law. Love under will". This means that each of us is totally responsible for our own actions, being totally free to act.